The Dawn Tour of Jerusalem with Zel Lederman

For the early risers amongst you. A tour of Jerusalem in the early morning hours walking through the four quarters of the Old City and with a focus on early morning visits to the Temple, Mount, Western Wall, Church of the Holy Sepulcher.

The Bike Tour of Jerusalem

Bike Jerusalem Day or Night. Experience the thrill of riding through the empty streets of Jerusalem at night. The tour will take us through the empty street of this Jerusalem, between the stone buildings and narrow streets of the city, with several stops to hear the stories that bring these places alive.

The Once-in-a-Lifetime Private Bike Tour of Jerusalem

Take 3-4 hours to experience what it takes two days to experience on foot. There is no better way to see Jerusalem than on a bike. Traverse the miles and the ages in just a few hours to get an unparalleled experience of the eternal city.

The Weekly Group Bike Tour of Jerusalem's New City

Our Tour is 3-4 hours in length, going from one side of the New City to the other. Your guide will stop along the way for informative and interesting explanations of what you are passing.

The Historical Tour of David Ben Gurion in Jerusalem

The old man's footsteps in Jerusalem as never told before. On our tour, we will follow the various stations where Ben Gurion traveled during his stay in the Eternal City and see how he put together his political view influenced by Jerusalem and Biblical sources.

The Many Colours Tour of Jerusalem

The Old City: a unique blend of beauty, power, politics, and passionate faith. What makes Jerusalem a place of ongoing fascination, prayers, and conflict? Who built the ancient walls of the city and where does the current separation barrier run? What hides underneath the built surface, and beneath the everyday life of the city?

The Alternative History Tour of Mount Zion

The only truth and nothing but the truth? Discover the real story of Mt. Zion and how traditions of the last 2000 years have replaced historical evidence as our main source of information.

The Ethiopian Landmark Tour of Jerusalem

Find the lion in Zion. Ethiopian Christians have always been connected to Jerusalem. Hear the legend of King Solomon and the Queen of Sheba. Meet an Ethiopian monk living in a Jerusalem convent.

The Art And Attitude Tour of Jerusalem's Old City and Environment

Hidden art treasures and meeting with artists. Uncover Artistic Treasures hiding off the beaten path in Churches, Hospitals, Synagogues, Public Gardens, and in the Streets.

The Tomb Travellers Tour of Jerusalem

A walk on the quiet side of life. An unforgettable easy walking tour lasting between three to four hours as we visit some of the tombs in and around the Old City of Jerusalem.

The Time Warp Tour of Jerusalem

See another side to the Old City of Jerusalem. This tour takes us from 21st century modern Israel all the way back to 2nd century Roman Aelia Capitolina, with many stops on the way.

The Behind The Scenes Tour of Southern Jerusalem

The germans, the greeks and the battle in Katamon. Discover three neighbourhoods of Jerusalem; the German Colony, the Greek Colony and Katamon.

The Women's History Tour of Jerusalem

During this tour we'll reveal the stories of the women who stood in the front and led others, women who changed things behind the scenes and women who were not even aware how significant their existence was to the way things went.

The Barluzzi Architecture Tour of Jerusalem

Antonio Barluzzi was sent to Israel by his older brother in 1914 and became so connected to the Holy Land that he spent his whole life in Jerusalem and built more than a dozen churches in the Holy Land, each one a gem.

The Walking Tour of the German Colony in Jerusalem

A colourful architectural history of the evolution of the German Colony. Considered to be one of the more sought after, prestigious neighbourhoods in Jerusalem, the German Colony holds to a special architectural aesthetic.

The Ancient Agriculture Tour of Jerusalem and the Judean Mountains

Tour the ancient water systems in and around Jerusalem. Here, as in the days of the ancient Israelites, irrigated vegetable gardens grow alongside vineyards, olive groves and almond orchards that need no artificial irrigation and colour the countryside green all year round.

The Half Day Tour of Israeli Non-Profits

Experiential based visits in a variety of subjects. Acquire valuable insights into Israeli society, and have an opportunity to become familiar with organisations engaged in social action.

The Wine and Art Tour of Jerusalem Finest

A special tour into Jerusalem's premier Art studios and Winery. Visit one of Jerusalem's premier wineries and enjoy wine tasting. Visit one of Jerusalem premier's studios and view some of the rarest art books and artworks in Jerusalem.

The Mark Twain Tour of The Holy City

The American Jester Discovers Jerusalem. We will walk the same alleys that Twain walked in 1867, see the same shrines, hear the cacophony and inhale the smells of Ottoman Jerusalem, with Twain's text accompanying us all the while.

The Three Religions Tour of Jerusalem

Christian, Muslim, and Jewish Beginnings. Take a walking tour through all four quarters of Jerusalem's Old City to get a feel for how all three monotheistic religions came to see Jerusalem as such an important city.

The Four Quarters Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem

See the authentic heart of the holiest city on Earth. A fascinating tour that will take you into the Old City's smallest alleyways to meet the people who live their everyday life among the great monuments of ancient history.

The Photography Tour of The Old City Of Jerusalem

Great views from the rooftops of Jerusalem. Explore the Old City's four quarters from the rooftops, finding spectacular photogenic views that can only been seen from above.

The History, Hopes, And Beauty Tour of Jerusalem

A walking tour into the past and the present. Discover the city that most tourists do not see, and experience the modern and ancient buildings, streets, sites, people and stories that are telling the history, conflicts, wars, hopes and the beauty of Jerusalem.

The Half Day Private Tour of Bethlehem

With private local Bethlehem guide and transport from Jerusalem. A tour of Bethlehem and the surrounding areas, including the Church of Nativity, Shepherds' Field, and Solomon's Pools. You will also tour Herodion.

The Reb Aryeh Levin Tour of Jerusalem

The walks and ways of Reb Aryeh Levin, a true Tzadik (Righteous One), a spiritual master. Together we'll trace the footsteps of a true Tzadik – “the rabbi of the prisoners”. We will recount stories of his life and learn from his great love of every human being.

The Segway Tour of the Jerusalem Biblical Zoo

The Jerusalem Biblical Zoo stretches across an area of 62 acres in a lovely valley surrounded by green hills. Inside, you will see many different kinds of animals, all mentioned in the Bible. Segways will enhance your visit.

The Private Guide One or Two Day City Tour of Jerusalem

An exceptional city explored at your own pace. An orientation to Jerusalem spread over two days to avoid being overwhelmed by the City. In these two days of touring, we try to make things a little easier by guiding you around the City sites.

The Germany In Jerusalem Tour of Jerusalem

Emperors and empresses in Jerusalem. The Imperial visits Jerusalem has witnessed during the late 19th Century have changed the skyline of Jerusalem as well as its Geo-Politics.

The British In Jerusalem Tour of Jerusalem

On her majesty's service. The British were responsible for making Israel modern and prosperous, whereas until their arrival the land was the neglected backyard of the Ottoman Empire. Explore how we still enjoy the Biggest Empire's influence.

The Underground Tour of Jerusalem

Discover Jerusalem from above and below. A tour that will combine known and less known sites in the Old City of Jerusalem. Walk in underground water tunnels and Roman-era sewers

The Engaging Storytelling Tour of the Israel Museum

Art, history, and culture combined. A day at the Israel Museum is a rich and fascinating encounter with a unique world of artefacts and objects that deepen and enrich the understanding of the land and its past.

The Fight over Jerusalem Tour of the City at the Center of the World

A Lawyer's Guide to the Holy City. Jerusalem is in the news all the time, but what do we really know about the fights that take place inside the Old City? What does the word "Internationalization" mean and who is behind it? Why do Christians fight each other much more than Muslims fight Jews, and which disputes affect the world's agenda?

The People in the Neighbourhood Tour of Old City Jerusalem

The old city's diverse residents and the four quarters they call home. Who are the locals that get to live so close to the center of the monotheistic Jerusalem world? What defines their various identities, where have they succeeded as communities, and what challenges do they face dwelling in such an intense place?

The Walking Tour of Christian Jerusalem

Understanding the Christian Perception of Jerusalem. Why do Christians consider Jerusalem holy? What does Christianity in the holy land look like today? How did so many denominations come about?

The Walking Tour of Jesus' Teachings and Condemnation

From Mount of Olives Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Follow Jesus' paths.

The Classic Tour of Jerusalem's Old City

Visit the Mount of Olives, the Tower of David Museum, the Old City markets, the Christian Quarter in the Old City, the Church of the Holy Sepulchre, the rebuilt Jewish Quarter of the Old City, the Cardo, and the Western Wall.

The Underground World Tour of Ancient Jerusalem

This is not sightseeing, it's "sight-feeling". Within the walls of old Jerusalem, there is a square kilometer of layers waiting to be unfolded. We'll visit the old city on the ground, climb above the rooftops and make very unique visits underground.

The Modern Period Tour of the New City

One hundred years of divine grace. What are the historical circumstances that enabled the city to develop, and how did it all come into being? This tour covers Jerusalem's history from the final decades of the dying Ottoman Empire, through Great Britain's majestic reign and up to the birth of the State of Israel.

The Biblical Tour of The Old City of Jerusalem

For all lovers of the Bible. Visit the Old City of Jerusalem through an historical journey that includes the period of the First Temple, Second Temple, the Byzantine period, and a visit to the City of David.

The Following The Bible Tour of Old And New Jerusalem

Following the three religions. Judaism and Christianity throughout the History of the Holy Land. Learn about events in the life of Jesus, Jerusalem - the old and new city, the mount of Olive following the last week of Jesus' life.

The Religion, History, and Archeology Tour of Jerusalem

The Holy City of Jerusalem Uncovered. Come and find out how a 3,000 year old city can be so relevant to millions of believers all over the world. On this tour through the Old City of Jerusalem we will uncover the true essence of the epicentre for the three monotheistic religions – Islam, Christianity and Judaism.

The Memorial Tour of Mount Herzel

A peaceful journey to remember the fallen. Walk through the national military cemetery, and the national pantheon graveyard (where Yitzhak Rabin, Golda Meir and others lay) and up to the tomb of the modern prophet Theodore Herzl.

The Accessible Tour of Jerusalem

Accessible Jerusalem Tour. Fully accessible tour to the old city – Wailing wall (the Kotel), the Jewish Quarter, The Christian Quarter, Churches in the old city. View the panoramic views over the old and the new city, enjoy the unique accessible atmosphere.

The Unforgettable Bike Tour of the Judean Hills

A unique region rich in biblical stories, wildlife, ruins of ancient towns. This tour is an easy 5-10 mile ride through the beautiful Adulam region of the Judean Hills, located between Jerusalem and Tel Aviv. It is suitable for families with young children.

The Israel Wine Experience Tour of Judean Hill Boutique Wineries

So much more than sweet sacramental wines. Visit 3 to 5 of the top boutique wineries of the Judean Hills wine growing region in Israel. Meet the winemakers, cheese makers, and brew masters.

The Historical Jeep Tour of The Roads To Jerusalem

Adventure in the Judean mountains. We will focus on the different roads to Jerusalem throughout history. We will traverse hard terrain, where only rugged Jeeps can go.

The Cross-Cultural Tour of Jerusalem And Bethlehem

Two cities in close quarters. A full day of summertime touring in Jerusalem and Bethlehem. Tour Jerusalem's Old City during the cooler morning hours and a mid-afternoon to early evening visit to Bethlehem and surrounding areas.

The Walking Tour of Jesus Teachings and Condemnation

From Mount of Olives Via Dolorosa to the Church of the Holy Sepulchre. Visit the spots and locations where Jesus spent much of his time teaching his disciples. See where he wept over Jerusalem and the destruction he foresaw for the city. Stand on the spot at which Jesus prayed his last prayer, and where he was caught and arrested by the Romans, following Judas’s betrayal.

The Jerusalem Tour of a Walk Through-Time

Discover how new Jerusalem neighborhoods emerged in the nineteenth century when the Jewish exodus from the Old City began and the first Jewish quarters beyond Jerusalem's historic boundaries were established.

The New City Tour of Jerusalem

Build the foundation of your exploration of Jerusalem and its beautiful sites. This tour helps you understand the historical context in which the City evolved and includes visits to Yad Vashem, Ein Karem, the First Station, the Israel Museum, and more.

The Four Quarters Walking Tour of the Old City of Jerusalem

This tour introduces you to the Old City of Jerusalem, its four quarters, and the holy sites of the three major monotheistic religions, Judaism, Islam, and Christianity.